Allie X & VERITE Discuss “Casanova” Remix in their Latest Interview

Allie X and VERITE recently talked about their latest remix “Casanova” in an interview. Not only that, but they were also open to discussing the state of pop music. Below, you can read some of the most interesting answers that these upcoming faces provided to the questions put to them. It’s pretty interesting so I recommend you take a minute out and read below.

  • Allie: Why did you select “Casanova” as the next track? 
    When Allie was asked this question, she was open to admit that this song does magic when performing live. The song “was kind of like the real ice breaker” said the upcoming pop sensation. She considered it a good indicator of a possible hit remix and went ahead with the project.
  • Allie: Why you reached out to VERITE for this remix?
    Allie, while answering this question, was quick to point out that, just like her, VERITE also runs her own ship and is totally independent. She also talked about VERITE being super creative and serious about the business side of things. That’s what makes her collaborate with VERITE.
  • VERITE: What drew you to the song?
    According to VERITE, she was already thinking of doing “Casanova” when Allie reached out to her. She had absolutely no idea which song Allie would pick when she agreed to do a song with her. It was an exciting affair as Allie also had the same song in mind.
  • VERITE: Did you guys ever get together in a studio for this song?
    They never got together since Allie had already recorded her part. They both know each other for years through text messages but they haven’t met one another face to face.
  • Allie: Would there be performances together in the future?
    While answering this, Allie X had no doubt about the performances coming out together. She also told the fans that she had some plans that would be announced when the time is right.
  • Allie:  You, in particular, have worked really extensively with artists, well Leland and Troye Sivan are two obvious examples, where you develop a real chemistry together in the studio. What is it like working together again after taking some time off between projects?
    It’s always a ball with those guys. We’re just good friends at this point. We actually all have the same management at this point so we’re just like a little family. We actually just did a week together. We got a place in Malibu, it was really fun. It’s always a really good time. There’s a lot of, how would I describe, we did these sort of stripper dances to the most inappropriate songs. I wish I had a video I could show you. Actually, Troye posted something without any audio. If you look on his Twitter there’s one of us doing this dance.


Post Author: David Watt