Adele’s “25” Enjoys The Biggest Album Sales Week in 24-year History

Adele has sold more than 3.38 million copies of her third album in the United States during its first week. The album has already broken previous record for highest sales in a week set by NSYNC for their album “No Strings Attached”. With these numbers for first week, Adele has become the artist to sell the highest number of copies for an album during its first week ever since Nielsen started recording album sales stats.

Adele has made history with these stats but that’s nothing new for her. She has already done so with her debut album selling more copies than any other album during its first six months. Same was the case with her second studio album. With her third album, she has set an even more illusive record.

Although Adele tasted success with all three albums so far, ’25’ was a lot different. She broke records set by big names in pop culture decades ago. Back then, there were no streaming services and some of you might think this gave Adele a definite advantage over Britney Spears, Eminem, Backstreet Boys and other record-breaking pop artists of the last two decades. Adele killed her advantage by announcing prior to album release that her album won’t be available for streaming and yet she was able to amaze everyone with her album’s first-week sales.

Post Author: David Watt