“The Way We Are” by Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon has come with her best song since 2008. The new song titled “The Way We Are” reminds us of “Breathe Slow” days when Alesha used to be good. The days have returned even if she fails to win any BRIT or Grammy award for this song. Although she did releases and album in 2010 but it was a mess overall and probably no one liked a song out of it.

It seemed that Alesha is finally going to give a thought to retiring from music as her focus has shifted to other things recently, particularly Britain’s Got Talent where she is a judge. She might be focusing on the show and her role as a judge rather than her music and it is right in so many ways. She is making a lot of money from the show. Still she has made a comeback because that’s what Alesha is truly all about – good music. Music is her true passion and she has proved it once again.

The former Misteeq star is working on her new album which will be out later this year through Precious Stone Records but for now she has released the lead single from her album titled “The Way We Are”.

The music video for Alesha’s “The Way We Are” is a beach festivity. Alesha and her friends go out on the beach and make a bonfire. Then all the friends go to city center and explore the city. They are in some beach town. Watch the video below.

Watch “The Way We Are” by Alesha Dixon

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz