“Put It Up” by Rihanna & Chris Brown

“Put It Up” is the new collaboration from Rihanna and Chris Brown. This casual collaboration is was originally recorded when “Nobody’s Business” was recorded and Rihanna had the track since 2012 album “Unapologetic”. The track was originally planned to be released as a part of Chris Brown’s 2013 album “Carpe Diem”. That album could never see the day of light because of Chris’s legal issues with his label. The project was renamed as “X” and it was scheduled to be released in 2014. But for some reason the track wasn’t even a part of the “X” project when it eventually hit the stores on its scheduled date. The only reason that sounds closer to reality might have been the relationship between Chris and Rihanna who were actually trying to make things better during the “Unapologetic” period as Rihanna had apparently forgiven Chris for what he had done to her. Nevertheless, they went back to their fighting when Chris was recording “X”. There was even news that Rihanna had exclusively asked Chris not to include her collaboration. As a result, “Put It Up” didn’t see the day of light until now. The track was leaked on the internet by LA Leakers who probably found a copy somewhere.

“Put It Up” may sound like a cool casual track but there is nothing special about it. The songs just goes on and on without ever hitting its climax. The best thing that you would hear in this track is probably chorus where Chris sings “put it up right there” for dozen of times, probably knowing that this is the only good part of the song and that it has to cover as much time as much it could.

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Post Author: David Watt