Zayn Malik Announces First Solo Single “Pillow Talk”

Viacom network has revealed the most protected secret at RCA Records. It’s the title of former One-Direction star Zayn Malik’s first solo single and surprisingly all this happened by mistake. It was January 23rd, late into the night, when Viacom network showed title of his new single while displaying programming information for January 29th. The title is going to “Pillow Talk”.

The world knew of it as soon as fan of Zayn took a screenshot of the information box displaying the single title and spread it all over the internet. You can check the infamous screenshot below.

zayn malik

Later, as Zayn realized that this mistake by Viacom can be a bad news for him, he posted the official art cover for the single on Instagram. He also confirmed the release date for the track and promised to premiere a music video on the same day.

The next day Zayn was talking about his upcoming debut solo album in interviews but he was reluctant to leak any further information regarding his project. He said he would let fans know when the time would be right. Talking about his single “Pillow Talk”, he was quick to tag it as “pure, dirty and raw”.


Post Author: David Watt