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Watch Video Teaser for “Stop Me From Falling” by Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is working on a ‘live’ video for her fans. The video will serve as the official music video for Kylie’s latest single “Stop Me From Falling”. How do we know about this music video? Kylie premiered a teaser about it and it has been all over the web since yesterday. You can also watch this snippet at the end of this blog post.

Kylie shared the short snippet of her live video on Twitter on 28th March. The Tweet had the caption “Sharing something fun on Apple Music Tomorrow”.  So what does this clip contain? If you look at the snippet that came out on Twitter, you will quickly notice that the visual is actually a collection of footage from the Kylie’s recent tour. She was touring Europe and had a lot of moments that she wanted to share with her fans. Now here she is with a compilation of all these moments in this new music video.

We have the news that this isn’t going to be the only video for “Stop Me From Falling”. We have heard rumors that the diva will give us two videos for this song. One of them being the compilation of her tour moments while the other one will be a proper visual for the song. I’m sure when a song is getting two different video treatments, it has to be really good.

Kylie has been really busy this week with a lot of stuff. She performed her recent single “Dancing” in the UK before coming back to the Australia to perform in a mini-concert. She then went on to debut a new song “Golden” and followed it up by covering Dolly Parton’s “Island In The Stream”. Now she has given us the snippet of a new music video. During this week, Kylie has been doing everything we’d love to see from him. Watch the video teaser below.

Watch Preview of “Stop Me From Falling” by Kylie Minogue

Post Author: Harvey Dyer