Watch Nicki Minaj’s Music Video For “Ganga Burns” + Review

Nicki Minaj has just come up with a fiery video for the first song, “Ganga Burns” of her fourth album, “Queen”.  The video is full of emotions where you will see Nicki as a goddess in a desert. Nicki has selected Nefertiti costume for this superheated video which she has already shared with her fans on the cover of her album, “Queens”.

Onika’s fans may have probably watched the video already as it was leaked online back in July. By the way, I have been waiting for the HD video. Have you been waiting too? Don’t worry, the wait is over!  Here is the HD video that will surely cheer you up. Enjoy!

Watch Nicki Minaj’s Fiery music video “Ganga Burns”

Post Author: David Watt