Watch Music Video: “Your Side Of The Bed” by Loote

Loote has premiered a brand new music video for new song “Your Side Of The Bed”. It feels as if this is the song that will catapult this band into mainstream. With the song getting the video treatment, it’s evident that Loote and their label wants to use this song to give the band their deserving breakthrough. Will it become a hit commercially? Only time could tell. For now, you can watch the music video and let us know if its any good.

Before premiering this music video, the band released “Out Of My Head” and “High Without Your Love” – two songs that made it obvious that this band comprises of talented musicians.

The new song “Your Side Of The Bed” is about an ex where the pop duo sings about someone they don’t care about any more. The boys want to you be strong and show a in-your-face attitude instead of crying over your broken heart. The chorus is everything here. It’s instantly infectious and radio-friendly. I totally believe that pop radios will pick it up and play it a lot.

You will hear Foote and Lov singing about the feelings that you have after a breakup. These feelings and emotions could not come out immediately but you will definitely have a reminder of your past affair whenever you go anywhere. Everything will be a symbol of your past and that could be a tough thing to handle, especially when you really want to move forward.

The song, deservingly so, got the video treatment. The music video is totally awesome. It’s a glamorous affair where you will see Jackson Foote and Emma Lov moving from one room to another. The rooms are using neon lights. You will also see the duo on mountaintops where they look absolutely stunning. The music video is directed by Chandler Lass.

With the song being streamed over a million times in its first week, I’m sure this MV is going to help it go even further and claim its place among chart toppers. Watch it below.

Watch “Your Side Of The Bed” by Loote

Post Author: David Watt