Lana Del Rey

Watch Lana del Rey Giving Her Fans Christmas Gift – Merry Christmas + Kiss + New Song

What more do you expect from Lana del Rey as a gift for Christmas? She whispered Merry Christmas and blew a kiss to her fans in a fan video she uploaded on Instagram. The girl’s got over 8 million fans there so it’s only understood why she’d chose that platform.

Lana wasn’t around at Christmas as she was having some fun in Germany. So her fans back home knew that she won’t be doing anything special for them like a Christmas eve performance. But Lana del Tey won’t leave her fans alone on such a big day. So, she decided to send them Christmas wishes from Germany in a video and ended it with a kiss for her fans. That’s so cool of her. I’m sure her fans are already dying to listen to her new music when she gets back home.

But that’s not the only gift you are going to get from Lana this Christmas. Although she didn’t intend so, but one of her new music released on the Christmas eve, making it a perfect gift for her fans who were already overwhelmed with her kiss on Twitter. The song that accidently got released is titled “Yes to Heaven”. It’s a relaxing song and feels like its what’s left from Lana’s album “Ultraviolence”.

I don’t feel like the song “Yes to Heaven” got released accidently. I think it was an on-purpose leak just to make the Christmas great for fans. She probably released it herself on the internet, disguising it as a leak just to make sure that her label won’t have much of a problem with it. Whatever the truth behind this song, it’s a relaxing song that would help you feel great during the festive season.

Post Author: David Watt