Watch Camila Cabello’s Mini Documentary “Made In Miami”

Heads up Camila Cabello fans. There is new material. It’s not a new song or a music video, but it’s a mini-documentary.

Watch Q & A “Made In Miami” live stream

Camila announced this mini-documentary in a personal video [live stream below]. In the video, she shows around her room in Miami – she is with her dog. There is a board with daily to-dos… what’s on the board? These are things you need to do every day. This introductory video is so cute that you can’t miss the actual documentary. Go ahead and watch how Camila announced this new material that came out in collaboration with YouTube.

I know everyone wants to watch her documentary after watching this announcement video.

“Made In Miami” shows us how Camila grew up. You get to meet her family and see some behind the scene footage. The video talks about immigration and the issues her family faced. It’s directed by Tabitha Denholm.

The ‘story of Camila’ that you see in “Made In Miami” is sensual yet powerful. It opens up with her love for her family and quickly moves to her struggle as an artist. She talks about Fifth Harmony and “Havana”. You really get to feel the underlying emotions. I think it’s a perfect ‘my story’ video that Camila could have done at this time.

Here is how I would summarize it for you.

  • Camila absolutely loves her family
  • She was super shy as a kid
  • She started doing YouTube covers
  • That gave her ‘little’ more confidence
  • She appeared on X-factor
  • Fifth Harmony and her solo career

There is a lot of stuff Camila managed to cover in this 17-minute long video. You gotta see it. Watch Camila Cabello’s “Made In Miami” below.

Post Author: David Watt