Video Review: “I Bet” by Ciara

“I Bet” is a new single from Ciara’s upcoming album “Jackie”. The track was released back in January but its music video was released on March 9. The music video is directed by Hannah Lux Davis. The video was originally premiered on Mario Lopez’ “Extra” but then it was officially released on VEVO.

Ciara is a ballerina in this video. She looks a perfect gymnast in stunning black. The music video has no story but it’s just a performance in front of camera. She delivers pure and raw emotion that sit perfect for the sad R&B ballad. She looks so perfect in the music video that eventually anyone who watches the video is going to fall in love with her. Her hair, face and body makes her the perfect ballerina. Her body language is so delicate and emotional that there seems no need for any other story. A story line would have probably failed to convey the emotion that she does with through dance moves.

“I Bet” is a beautiful sad song that will surely make it big on the radio. With this music video coming out, there is every chance that the track will get the necessary push that it needs in order to move ahead on charts.

Watch Music Video “I Bet” by Ciara (Official Video)

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz