Trove Lo’s Much Anticipated Short Film,”Blue Lips” is Here. Watch Now:

First of all, Include me in the people who were waiting for this. So, the wait is over, and the Swedish Singer has just blessed us all with her much awaited short film, “Blue Lips”. She kept her promise and here you go with the best of all… yes i mean the short film. All you need rightnow is, Pop corn.

Well, you know her style. Just like she premiered two short films, “Fairy Dust” and “Fire Fade” for her second studio album, “Lady wood”, she promised us to release the short film for her third studio album, “Blue Lips” which was released one year back on 17th of November 2017. And Here it is!

The 25 minutes short film is starring “Trove Lo” and “Ana Coto” was directed by Malia James and was premiered via YouTube.

The Movie is not short to me. LOL! I mean It has got a lot in it, a while long story! It shows two friends living their life together and making every moment of it special. what should i say? I totally got into the movie this is just so captivating.

Watch Trove Lo’s Short Film For Her Third Studio Album, “Blue Lips”:


Post Author: David Watt