The Music Video For The Eminem’s song, “Lucky You” is Here. Watch Now!

TheĀ  rap god ,”Eminem” has recently released his new album,”Kamikaze” which has been on everyone’s mind since August 31st. He is now up with a music video for his song, “Lucky you”.

The New Music video features the American rapper, poet and singer,”Joyner Lucas”. The visuals to the song, “Lucky You” has got a terrifying “Armageddon” theme. In which you will see strange things happening.

The video starts when the “Ross Capicchioni” singer, “Joyner Lucas” is found in a boat and gets up from his bed with a torch light in his hand. He starts to rap with the lines, “Yeah I done did a lot of things in my day, I Admit It. I don’t take back what i say, if i said it then i meant it” and finds his way out of the boat.

The video continues and the Eminem comes and joins Joyner. you will see some supporting characters who are wearing black masks with red eyes. . Eminem and Joyner slowly get surrounded by these black-masked people and stop for a while as they find those characters following every action of them.

I am not sure if Eminem has released the video to tell that all the other rapper follow him. I think He wants other to do their own things!

Watch The Video To Eminem’s “Lucky You”

Post Author: David Watt