The Boy Band Prettymuch Releases Music Video For New Single “Teacher”

Prettymuch is back with its latest debut song called Teacher. The band performed the song for the first time on 95.5 Studio Thursday, September 21 giving listeners some love goals. “The song is coming soon” they promised at the end of the performance. Prettymuch has kept the promise and has finally released the full song with the video.

‘Teacher’ is another marvelous followup song after the successful “Would You Mind” which was released earlier this year. Fans are surly loving ‘Teacher’ with more passion than ‘Would You Mind’. Prettymuch is one of the most loved boy band in music world. The song starts with energetic music and catchy lyrics. Beautifully sung in chorus, ‘Teacher’ is surly a song to stay in our minds and hearts. Besides the mind blowing symphony, the dance skills of these young boys is also a thing to fall for.

Video Song With Lyrics

You could be my teacher (where they at?)
You could be my boss (where they at?)
Oh, you could be my lover, (where they at?)
You could be my car (where they at?)
Baby I could drive ya (oh) anywhere you want (slow, slow)
Ah, you could be my teacher (where they at?)
Oh yeah, you could be my boss

Post Author: David Watt