Song Review: “Over And Over Again” by Nathan Sykes Featuring Ariana Grande

We’ve already seem previews of “Over And Over Again” by Nathan Sykes featuring Ariana Grande. Both Ari and Nathan shared a snippet each for their latest single last week. This week the song is out and you can finally listen to the full version here.

After Ari broke with Nathan, no one guessed that they will get together ever again. But it’s the music that can bridge even the greatest gaps and bring people closer. Nathan’s latest single “Over and Over Again” brought his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande back with him for a collaboration, even though this song was originally planned as a solo single. It was even released as a solo single for Nathan’s 2015 album for UK release. Before Nathan releases the album globally, he has recorded a collaboration with Ari to spice up things and get some buzz before giving the album to the global audience. Ari will definitely make a difference, especially with her ex-girlfriend status.

Despite the fact that it seems obvious that the music has brought Ariana and Nathan together again but that might not be the case here. They dated back in 2013 and it was for Nathan’s album “Almost Is Never Enough”. As soon as the album was out, both went their way as if they were only dating to get some ‘sales’. It might be the case again and we might see them together again until Nathan has sold his album. Listen to the song below and purchase it on iTunes or stream via Spotify or Apple Music if you like it.

Watch “Over And Over Again” by Nathan Sykes Featuring¬†Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt