Single Review: “New Flame” by Chris Brown

“New Flame” is a single by ‘Chris Brown’, a singer who is also a renowned Dancer and actor. He was absent from the music scene for a while as he was focusing more on movies as an actor. Now he has come up with his new single titled “New Flame” for all his music fans that waited eagerly to hear something new from Chris. This track is a part of his upcoming album X.

“New Flame” starts out with a retro based synth beat which makes a great first impression. But as the song reaches its end, it loses this magic and fails to impress. The Track is set in a mid-tempo R&B groove and is different from the dance or electronica, which was an integral part of his previous albums. Although this track shows a lot of promise, it is still to be seen whether Chris Brown can deliver surefire R&B hits. The song also features Usher and Rick Ross but it seems that it wasn’t a good idea as the track belongs more to ‘Usher’ than ‘Chris’. The chorus itself is a mess as all the singers try to outdo each other and no one leaves a strong impact in the end. Chris Brown will have to devise new strategies for his music to regain the top rank in R&B scene.

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz