Single Review: “The Words” by Christina Perri

Christina Perri has released a new single from her “Head or Heart” album. The single, titled “The Words” is co-written by Perri, David Hodges and David Ryan, and produced by the Butch Walker.the track was premiered on VEVO on 26th January. The video for “The Words” is directed by Philippe Paille.

The words in ‘The Words’ are ‘I love you’. This should give you an idea about theme of the track especially considering that Valentine’s Day is close and everyone is trying to capitalize that somehow or the other.

The video for this track is somewhat confusing. Many of you may think that Ms. Perri is a dead person in the video and haunts her boyfriend like a ghost. But the truth is that Ms. Perri was meeting the boy for the first time and there isn’t anything like ghost. It is just her presence after the boy had seen her at the flower shop and falling in love with her. Eventually both come together in the end when the boy decides to give it another try by visiting the flower shop. There they speak ‘The Words’ which makes a lot of sense considering that the track has a message of giving love another try.

Watch “The Words” by Christina Perri


Post Author: David Watt