Single Review: “How About Now” by Drake

Drake has a new single out titled “How About Now”. Although this single is yet to be released officially, it has already been posted to SoundCloud by one of the Drake fans who got his hands on the track somehow. Now we are not sure what exactly happened there but still we have Drake’s new single here to listen. We have checked everything about it and it sounds authentic. As claimed by the fan, this single is from Drake’s new album. This new album will be titled “Views From The 6”. However, this isn’t still confirmed since some people have commented that this track isn’t actually from the new album but just a leftover from ‘Nothing Was The Same’.

This new single from Drake builds on Jodeci’s “My Heart Belongs to You”. She talks about her career and how things were tough in the early days. She then sings about how he changed after making it big in his career.

Anaconda star Nicki Minaj also features in “How About Now” and adds a little cameo of her own. She actually plays the part of ex who drops a voicemail when the track starts, kicking off the story. Listen to this new single and let us know what you think about Drake and Nicki Minaj going together for “How About Now”.

Watch “How About Now” by Nicki Minaj

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz