Single Review: “Giant In My Heart” by Kiesza

Kiesza, the 25-year old Canadian, has already enjoyed top-chart success with her number one hit that rocked the charts around the world. Apart from her entertaining music, her videos have also brought her fame. Her “Hideout” video went viral and made her a superstar in matter of weeks. She has a nag for changing careers as she starts as ballerina, worked for Royal Canadian Navy, and even had a go at the Miss Universe competition. With her new single “Giant in My Heart”, she is proving that between trying different careers, she has her heart at music.

“Giant In My Heart” shows the vocal strength and power that is Kiesza’s gift. The track showcases her vocals that set perfectly behind the opening electronica that quickly turns into distinct smattering and synths. As the song breaks into dance sounds, audience will feel that Kiesza can go beyond the traditional dance music by pushing boundaries wherever possible. Just a little more to “Giant In My Heart” and we will probably be hearing the best of Kiesza.

The flame-haired Canadian singer has already announced her debut album to be released in October. The album will be titled “Sound Of A Woman”. “Giant In My Heart” will be a part of this first LP from this Canadian songbird.

Watch “Giant In My Heart” by Kiesza


Post Author: David Watt