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Single Review: “Amazing Amy” by Lil Wayne featuring Migos

It was earlier this month when Lil Wayne and Migos were working together on a new piece of music. Now the product they were working on has come out and it is titled ‘Amazing Amy’. The track plays over an instrumental engineered by the London On Da Track stretching over five minutes.

The track is a refreshing news for Lil Wayne fans as they have been really tired waiting for The Carter V which seems like it’s stuck in the limbo forever. In fact this is an official ‘sorry’ from Lil Wayne for keeping his fans waiting for that long. The track was probably planned for inclusion in his limbo-hit project but Wayne probably needed to provide something for the fans as he is getting ready for lawsuits over the dispute with his label.

“Amazing Amy” is a street banger that meets expectations that fans have set from Lil and Migos who jumps in to add some necessary ad-lib and triplet-heavy verses to the track. The future of the track is unknown as there is no word from Lil Wayne about where the track might end up.

The track is available for download and stream. Listen it here on All-Noise and let us know what you think of Lil Wayne’s ‘sorry’.

Listen to “Amazing Amy” by Lil Wayne ft. Migos

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz