Shania Twain is making a comeback with an album in May

Here is the big news. Shania Twain is making a comeback after 15 years of hiatus. During this time, she went through all sorts of things and now that she’s 51, she sees music differently. So, don’t expect her to give you the same raunchy and campy country music but something more original and probably darker, as she indicated in her interview with Rolling Stone.

While talking about her comeback, she was quick to point out that her fans should expect more original sound from her this time. She would be sharing her experiences of a broken marriage. She has also indicated that her comeback album will contain songs that will touch on the delicate but dark feeling of being the secondary person in a relationship.

But you won’t only get to listen to the dark songs as Shania has revealed that her new album will include a song that’s about the joy of winning a game. When she wrote this song, she was sitting in her hotel room and she was unable to go to the Major League Baseball game. She was sick but she wanted to become a part of the team’s celebrations. So, she decided to write this song.

We wish her all the success and really hope that this time she actually makes a comeback.


Post Author: David Watt