Selena And The Weeknd Confirm Their Break Up

This undoubtedly is a sad day for the Selena Gomez and Abel Makkonen Tesfay fans! The rumors of their break-up have been now confirmed by several authentic sources like PEOPLE.  Selena and The Weeknd were the hottest music couple of 2016 having all the wanted and unwanted attention of media. Sadly, this relationship has come to an end.

However, what’s even more interesting is Selena’s catching up with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber yesterday morning on a breakfast. Both Bieber and Gomez must have thought it to be safe enough to meet one to one outside in a restaurant but paparazzi, however, caught them.

Abel Tesfay Becomes Emotional Last Night After Break-Up

Fans are quite furious and surprised over this dramatic twist in the story. Some are even suspecting Selena is still not over Justin yet. Whatever it is, The Weeknd is still in shock and hurt.

Last night, while on a concert, we all witnessed how Abel was struggling to get along this break-up. It must have been really hard for him to sing a song with lyrics like “But I know time will tell if we’re meant for this / And if we’re not / I hope you find somebody / I hope you find somebody to love”

Whatever it is, we wish everyone a good luck!

Post Author: David Watt