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Rita Ora Premieres New Song,”Falling to Pieces”. Stream Now:

The British Singer and Songwriter, “Rita Ora” has shared a new song titled, “Falling to Pieces”. She is just about to release her second album called, “Phoenix” which is out on 23rd of November(Tomorrow).

I can’t figure out what’s making her release more and more singles from a LP which is just about to be released. I mean it’s like we are counting the hours for the release of the album and Rita is just surprising us by releasing back to back singles from the LP.

Whatever! Back to the song, Falling to Pieces was co written by Rita Ora with “Digital Farm Animals”, “Brian Lee” and “Cadenza” and it is a banger! Is it’s like that she wants us to be more anxious to get the copy of the album or what? I mean this new song is making me more impatient to get the album.

Falling to Pieces possesses a perfect blend of trumpet and of curse the crazy vocals. It is a soft ballad and a good one where Rita sings, “I wanna know whats on your mind, You do the same thing every night. We are falling to pieces, all the pieces come undone. We are falling to pieces, all the pieces come one by one”.

Listen To The Rita Ora’s New Song,”Falling to Pieces”:

Hello? How about pre-ordering the album now?

Post Author: David Watt