Nominjin Shares a New Song, “Kiss Me at Midnight”. Stream:

The American singer and songwriter, “Nominjin” is working on her debut EP, “Free Soul” which is supposed to be out on 5th of February, 2019. The EP is a project of 4 tracks and it is a tribute from her to the classic American Soul/R&B and traditional pop music.

For now, Nominjin has shared a new song, “Kiss Me at Midnight” which will appear on her upcoming debut EP. She worked with her father for this new song and we all know that her mother has been working with her as a co-writer from the day she started her career.

This new song comes with a lot of energy. The diligent lady Nominjin is not afraid of bending genres and here is another proof. Kiss Me at Midnight is a perfect blend of soul/R&B, Latin sound and hip-hop. So catchy!

Listen to the Nominjin’s new song, “Kiss Me at Midnight”:

The Los Angeles based singer has already shot the music video to this new song, “Kiss Me at Midnight”. What made her not to share the music video yet? Can we expect the visuals to be a banger? We don’t know that. Anyways, She has confirmed that the music video will be released soon in mid December.

Nominjin talked to the media about the song and said, “It all started with a melody. I said to myself: ‘Hmmm…this has a little bit of a Latin influence’. Not sure where it came from but I like letting the songs flow out of me instead of setting out to write a specific song. So, I roped in my father who speaks fluent Spanish to help me come up with the line ‘La vida nos inspira’. Then, I wrote the English lyrics and turned it into a song about dancing all night with the love of your life.”

Post Author: David Watt