Song Review: “If You Need Me” By Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels has premiered a new song titled “If You Need Me” and it’s everything we wanted from her. It’s obvious now that she can’t do any wrong.

The song “If You Need Me” is not included in her debut album. It’s a song she did for Facebook community “Sorry For Your Loss.” This anthem is an emotional number that will go straight to your heart. It successfully delivers its message home the first time you listen to it.

The track opens with simple lyrics where Julia expresses her desire to be able to help. She wishes she could fix things and knew exactly what to say when someone is going through tough times. She then offers her support and sings “But if you need me, I’ll be right there.”

It’s a blessing to have a new song from Julia and she doesn’t keep us waiting for long. She is either busy penning tracks for other artists or working her album and when she’s free, she does songs for other reasons. We hope she completes her tour and gets back to the US soon so we could have some more new music. Give this track a listen meanwhile.

Listen To “If You Need Me” By Julia Michaels

Post Author: David Watt