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Single Review: “Sick Boy” by the Chainsmokers – Review + Music Video

The Chainsmokers have returned with a new single. Along with this new single, the band also gave us a music video that signals the start of a new era for the band.

The band had a lot of success in 2016. They followed their success in 2017 with various hits from their third debut album. It was truly a huge year for the band. Now they are back to dominate 2018 with their new single. Is it going to turn out as good as their 2016/2017 singles? Would they be able to meet the expectations that their fans how set after listening to the band for the last two years? One thing is certain – we will get a lot of new and different music from the band this year. So, get ready and tune your ears for something new and exciting from The Chainsmokers.

The new single “Sick Boy” is an electronic music track that matches band’s genre. So, you might think what’s new about this song? How does it kick-start a new era for the hit-makers? It’s these influences that this song has from across the genres that signals that the band is about to do a lot of new stuff. Although it’s not as radio-friendly as was their previous hits, it’s still a milestone that will help a lot of fans digest the upcoming new and experimental material from their favorite band.

In addition to the influences from the other genres, the band has also introduced newness with their lyrical theme. “Sick Boy” is not the Chainsmokers’ usual ‘love’ themed single rather it’s a surprise as the singer sings about East coast and West coast cultures – something you haven’t heard from the band before. They will also talk about some political issues in the song. Is that a sign of getting maturer or are they just trying out things to do something different from their usual love-themed electronic bangers? Only time would tell. Give “Sick Boy” a listen below and watch its official music video.

Watch “Sick Boy” by The Chainsmokers

Post Author: David Watt