Single Review: “Green Light” by Lorde + Music Video

Lorde has premiered a new single titled “Green Light”. It was due a today but Lorde released it yesterday. She didn’t just release the single but she also premiered its full music video. Now the single is available on iTunes and Spotify and you can watch the video on YouTube.

Along with this single, Lorde also gave us some more good news. She is planning an album this year titled “Melodrama”. Now she has announced its release date to be 15 June 2017. Looks like she’s going to put the summer on fire this year.

The reason Lorde rushed this release is because someone was planning to leak her single before she’d release it officially. She definitely hated the idea of losing the hype that she’s been creating around this single. Nobody wants their songs to be leaked anyway. Keeping that in view, Lorde devised a master strategy. She decided to beat the hacker before he would make his move. So, she released the song 9 hours before the official release. Good strategy!

This anthemic song has some good lyrics that will make you fall in love with this song. The chorus sets the things up and the following verses build up the theme. It’s a different song as it’s packed with different emotions but in the end, it will make you dance. It’s something you’d really like if you are a Lorde fan.

Watch “Green Light” Music Video by Lorde

Post Author: David Watt