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New Single Review “Burn So Bright” by Bella Thorne

“Burn So Bright” is the latest single by uprising pop sensation Bella Thorne.  It’s exciting that she has finally released a song after some time and with it, she has announced her return to the music scene. She had been sort of absent after she decided to cancel the release of her debut album. According to some reports, Bella didn’t want to release an album full of auto-tuned songs. When she released an EP later that year, it became obvious that the singer made the right decision not to release her album. It would have dented her reputation for sure – not the kind of material you would want to start your career with, especially when everyone has high expectations from your first album.

Although last two years have been somewhat quiet for the 20-year-old singer, she still managed to contribute to “Bedroom Floor” by Liam Payne and “Just Call” by Prince Fox. Now that we have the new single from this uprising artist, we know that we will be blessed with a lot of new music in 2018. Would she continue improving and eventually give us the kind of debut album that we have been expecting from her since 2014?

“Burn So Bright” is also going to serve as the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Midnight Sun. The movie is due for global release tomorrow. This Bella’s single is part of the five-song soundtrack that will be released later.

“Burn So Bright” is an uplifting anthem that comes with a massive chorus. It’s a beautiful chorus that’s filled with acoustic instruments. Bella’s vocals are simply perfect as she rises above in the chorus. “Hey! The darkest light can’t stop you and me tonight”, she sings in her powerful pop voice. Give it a listen below.

“Burn So Bright” by Bella Thorne


Post Author: David Watt