New Single: “I’ll Name The Dogs” by Blake Shelton – Review + Music Video

Blake Shelton has premiered a brand new single and it’s titled “I’ll Name The Dogs”. It’s the new single from Blake’s upcoming studio album. The good news is that it’s not an ordinary single but it’s the lead single from the forthcoming eleventh album. I’m sure a lot of you are anxiously waiting for a release date for this album. Sadly, there is no confirmed news. Some sources are reporting that the album will come out late 2017.

“I’ll Name The Dogs” is a perfect country song- something you expect from Blake Shelton to deliver as a lead single for his upcoming album. In the song, Blake sings about the happier side of life “I’m talkin’ you and me with the same street name”. It’s beautiful and full of country vibe. I’m sure country fans will welcome this lead single.

Another good news for the fans is that Blake Shelton also gave us the official music video for the song along with the audio. The video syncs with the audio perfectly. It’s a gift for anyone who has a wedding coming up. You got a new wedding anthem. That’s what the music video is all about. It feels great to watch and definitely makes you ride along the happier tide of time. It’s simple yet so powerful and instant that everyone is going to love it. Watch the music video below for yourself.

Watch Music Video: “I’ll Name The Dogs” by Blake Shelton

Post Author: David Watt