Music Video – “You Don’t Know Love” by Olly Murs

Olly Murs has premiered a new music video for his single “You Don’t Know Love“. The music video is about a heartbroken Olly Murs who decides to find escape in Vegas to heal his heart. It’s a great video that reminds everyone about one more reason to go to Vegas – it can heal the broken heart.

The music video was premiered on VEVO. It’s directed by Charles Mehling. The music video is black in white and that’s how it fits the script. Since Olly wants to forget about his broken heart, having colors in the music video wouldn’t have helped theĀ audience feel the kind of sadness Olly felt in the video.

In the video, you see a shirtless Olly Murs waking up in a grand hotel room in theĀ midst of Vegas. He is also having a hangover. you will then see him getting out of his hotel room and moving to streets of Vegas where he would think about his past and all the good times he spent with his girl.

Since Olly is in a mood to let go, to forget about the past, he is also ready to let go his things that connect him to his past. To begin, he sells his watch at a pawn shop. He then uses that money to buy himself a nice car. Eventually, Olly leaves the town on his car. That’s another way of forgetting about his ex. Time to watch the music video now.

Watch Music Video “You Don’t Know Love” by Olly Murs

Post Author: David Watt