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Music Video: “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars Starring Zendaya

Bruno Mars has premiered a new music video and it’s simply irresistible. The music video “Versace on the Floor” stars Zendaya in addition to Bruno Mars. I’m sure a lot of you are going to enjoy this combination.

The song “Versace on the Floor” is taken from Bruno Mars’s latest album “24K Magic”. In fact, it’s the third single to be released from this album.

The music video for this song came out at a perfect time. It was the night when Bruno Mars won the Visionary Award at the Teen Choice Awards 2017. He received the award in recognition of his work and then gifted his fans with the music video for his latest single. Now that’s what I call a true celebration. I’m sure other artists who won awards last night at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards will follow in his steps. It’s a great way to thank the award.

In the music video for “Versace on the Floor”, you will see Zendaya on the screen with all her magic. She really knows how to look her best and that’s what she is going to show us in this MV.

As the music video opens, you see Bruno Mars playing the piano. He is sitting in his hotel room and it feels as if it’s some kind of a special room. You will instantly notice hundreds of bulbs illuminating the room. It feels as if Bruno Mars is in the middle of a galaxy, filled with stars.

Zendaya, who is listening to Bruno Mars’ music in her room, feels the music and drops her Versace on the floor. It’s a beautiful and expensive dress but the way Zendaya drops it on the floor, it looks even more expensive and sexy. You’d wish you were there when she dropped it. But it’s not you who is getting his fantasy turned into reality but it’s Bruno. Lucky for him, Zendaya knocks on his door after dropping the Versace. I’m sure they had a great time together but we never get to see that part of the story. Watch this new music video below.

Watch new Music Video “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars Starring Zendaya


Post Author: David Watt