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New Music Video: “Vente Pa’ Ca” Ricky Martin Featuring Maluma

Ricky Martin has dropped a new single video entitled “Vente Pa’ Ca” this Friday Morning on September 23rd, 2016. The Spanish track featuring Colombian reggaeton artist Malema.

“Vente Pa’ Ca” meaning “come here with me” in Spanish is a good party music with a nice beat.

Jessy Terrero and Santiago Salviche’s co-direction shows Ricky Martin and Maluma dancing with bikini models on a beach; partying on rooftops and pool sides.

By watching the video, I wondered why he hasn’t released the track in the summer as the whole theme represents summer time. Probably, it took him some time as he was on a world tour. The music video is definitely a good one!

The song is a mix of reggaeton and pop and a bit of Columbian vallenato because of the participation of Maluma in the track. The song will definitely be played everywhere in the United States especially Miami for the rest of the year.

The music video contradicts with the Ricky Martin’s being a proud gay supporter as we don’t see gay couples. The video shows the both artists dancing with the sexy girls on every location. Probably, it’s the Maluma who wanted it to be a heterosexual combo!

Most of the Ricky Martin’s music videos support LGBT cause and show the gay couples all over but not this one. It’s a different dish he’s eating this fall! Just two days for its release on VEVO and the video have over 3 million views. Definitely a hit!

Watch “Vente Pa’ Ca” Ricky Martin Feat Maluma

Post Author: David Watt