Music Video: “SGL” by Now, Now

Now, Now has premiered a new music video for their new pop anthem “SGL”. It’s the first song you have heard from the band after a hiatus of five years. Surprisingly, the band is starting exacting from where it left five years ago. It has its huge fanbase intact. That’s something you don’t see with many singers/bands as five years is a long time to forget.

The band, consisting of only two members, returned in the summer with their new song “SGL”. This song is a pop anthem with clear indie elements that make it infectious. I’m sure a lot of you are going to put it on repeat and keep listening to it the whole day. It’s that good.

The song is already getting a massive response from listeners all over the internet. The track is already among top 10 viral songs on Spotify. Now it has entered global top 20 charts with over 1.5 million streams worldwide. Now that’s not something you expect from a band that’s making a comeback after five years of absolute silence.

The duo is currently looking for a label. I’m sure they will find one soon. Whenever they get a deal with a label, they are going to come up with their first major crossover hit. That’s what you get when you work with a top label and you have the talent to make some awesome music. Now, Now has the talent as they have already shown and all they need is a solid deal with a major label. Let’s hope they it soon so we can listen to some great music as this year closes on us. You can listen to their latest song and watch the video below.

Watch Music Video: “SGL” by Now, Now

Post Author: David Watt