Music Video: “Send My Love” by Adele

Adele has premiered the official music video for her single “Send My Love”. She had already promised to premier the new video this week and she did it on May 22 when everyone was already watching Billboard Music Awards 2016. Adele has definitely thought about it and found it to be the best time to put her video out there for everyone to watch. Perfect timing!

The music video, premiered on VEVO, is directed by Patrick Daughters. The music video has kind of perfect visual treatment considering the song is a mid-tempo ballad but not much of a story-line. The set is pitch black and there is lot of stuff that you don’t usually expect in music videos from Adele. For example, you’re going to see her dodging bullets around in the slow motion effect.

Overall, it’s a simple music video with not much of a script. Except for the set effects and the slow-mo, there isn’t much to surprise you. I’m not sure if this is the kind of music video Adele had in her mind. But whatever she had in mind, this isn’t the kind of video we expect from Adele. She could’ve worked more on the story so that viewers could understand what’s going on with the music video. Time for you to watch this basic music video and see if you find out something glorious about it. Here is Adele’s new music video.

Watch “Send My Love” Music Video by Adele

Post Author: David Watt