Music Video: “Put It On Me” by Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone has premiered official music video for single “Put It On Me” after Republic Records decided to use this The Sage The Gemini-assisted urban jam as an official single. This is definitely the best song by Austin in a very long time and that’s the reason his record label has decided to take it to the next step.

This official music video isn’t the first one that Austin has released for this track as he first released a cheap music video back in October, 2015. That music video, released on YouTube, was filmed during vacations somewhere in Florida. Sadly, the first music video didn’t include The Sage The Gemini. The music video wasn’t good enough and probably that’s something Austin’s record has finally realized. As a result, we have a brand new official music video that’s really good. You can watch the video below.

Watch “Put It On Me” Official Music Video by Austin Mahone

The music video for “Put It On Me” is a black and white video shot in Los Angeles. Austin looks really hot in the video as he touches and caresses his girlfriend. Sage The Gemini also makes a cameo this time around singing her part and hanging out with Austin. Everything about the video indicates that Austin has grown mature in the recent years. Even when see him handling his girlfriend, you realize it’s a different Austin for sure.

Post Author: David Watt