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Music Video: “Kiss The Sky” by Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo has released a new music video for his recent single “Kiss The Sky”. The single was released as a part of the Derulo’s Platinum Hits album. This was the only single that was new and fresh so it was only a matter of time before Jason would finally drop an MV for this single. Now the time has come, and Jason has done it in a grand style.

Jason released this music video on YouTube on August 11. The MV is good but the single is probably the weakest single that we have heard from the rapper ever since he came onto the music scene. It sounds more like a playlist filling track than anything else. I’m sure Jason feels that way too, and that’s probably the reason he has worked really hard on the video.

The music video is about a hotel tour that Jason Derulo leads himself. He wants to tell his fans that he is the reason everyone at the hotel is having fun. He comes in every day and helps employees enjoy their life. He dances in the hallways, and everyone else dances along with him. He also performs a concert by the pool towards the end of the video. To sum up, it’s all about having fun and making everyone happy at the hotel. You gotta watch this video in order to find out how Jason likes to party. Watch the MV below.

Watch Kiss The Sky music video by Jason Derulo

Post Author: David Watt