Music Video: “Dance Off” by Macklemore

Macklemore have released a new video for a song from “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made” album. The single is titled “Dance Off”. The rapper along with producer Ryan Lewis premiered this new music video on YouTube yesterday. The rapper delivered first TV performance for the song two days ago.

The music video for “Dance Off” is directed by Jason Koenig, who always does a great job with dance videos. This music video is no different. It brings us some of the best dance moves of the year. The video opens with Macklemore practicing some dance moves in front of a mirror. It looks like a wedding reception.

AS Macklemore practices his dance moves, others at reception see him and instantly catch the groove. They also start dancing and the entire wedding reception turns into a dance off between girls and boys.

Once Macklemore is happy with what he has done at the reception, he moves to other parts of the hotel to spread his dance moves. when he enters the restaurant, another dance off breaks out. He then moves to gym and then to the shopping area and to the lobby and so on. He keeps on inspiring others with his dance moves. As a result, wherever he goes, people start dancing. It’s a good video for all the dance fans out there. Macklemore has some infectious moves to show. I’m sure you want to see them. Click play below.

Watch Music Video “Dance Off” by Macklemore

Post Author: David Watt