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Music Video: “Castle” by Halsey

There is good news for fans of fantasy sci-fi movies. Helsey’s “Castle” has been updated and released as ‘epic’ version for the new promo video of the upcoming movie “Huntsman: Winter’s War”. The song is originally from her debut album “Badlands”.

The music video for “Castle” was released on April 13 on VEVO. The music video shows Halsey in between the movie clips. Although it’s kind of a movie promo in a way, it’s also a free promo for Halsey’s song. So it sounds like a really good deal for both the parties.

Halsey looks like a royal princes in the “Castle” music video. She has a golden dress that would make anyone jealous of her. On top of her head, sits a spiky crown. Her finger nails are long and acrylic. She sings in the video as a goddess or maybe as a form of light energy but whatever the concept is, she’s made it her own.

The footage you see in the music video is from the movie “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”. One of the scenes where the golden skin comes of the princess’s hand and flies away looks great. I’m sure the movie will be full of visually spectacular scenes as obvious from this short trailer cum promo music video. Watch the music video below and don’t forget to talk about the video in comments.

Watch “Castle” music video by Halsey

Post Author: David Watt