New Music Video: “Atlantis” Bridgit Mendler Feat Kaiydo

Queen of Indie, Bridgit Mendler has premiered her new music video “Atlantis” yesterday on September 27, 2016. “Atlantis” is a part of Ms. Mendler’s forthcoming EP “Nemesis” that is due to be released in November.

The whole concept of the video revolves around her love life which hasn’t been up to the mark. She probably has lost her love resembling it with the lost city of Atlantis.

The video somehow justifies her whole concept but in a different way. She deserves thumbs up for her singing!

The video shows the stunning Bridgit breaking into the house of her lover who’s not in his conscious or probably passed out. Bridgit drags him out of the room into the dining hall with the help of her girlfriends after taking a selfie. The shocking part is that none of her girlfriends are sad neither her because of his health condition. Though, I loved the way when she stares him sitting on the dining table. Wow to her looks! I’m a fan now!

Somewhere in the mid, you’ll see the picture of another day when Bridgit will drag him back into his room. The whole concept of him being unconscious doesn’t make sense because if he’s overdosed, it wouldn’t be for more than a day. Probably, he’s paralyzed or something. But, Ms. Mendler wants to move on with the life despite focusing on his sufferings.

In the part, where she takes him to the room, she starts dancing after kissing the guy on the cheeks. Now, that’s the part where the boy will open his eyes but what’s the point now? The video has ended!

Other than the confusing part of the guy’s being unconscious, the video overall gives a better impression and a go-ahead to the pop diva Bridgit Mendler.

Watch: “Atlantis” Bridgit Mendler Feat Kaiydo

Post Author: David Watt