Music: “Telepathy” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has transformed herself into the ultimate disco queen with the release of her new song “Telepathy”. This new song is going to serve as the soundtrack for the new series “The Get Down”. This new series will be aired via Netflix. The song is already available on Spotify, iTunes, and other popular streaming platforms.

Christina Aguilera hasn’t released a proper new single or a studio album in years now. Still, she manages to stay around with one-off songs here and there. She recently did a song for the police victims and now here is another one-off song “Telepathy”. Probably this is how Christina is planning to serve her fans but they definitely want more. They deserve at least a new studio album but the Lotus chanteuse hasn’t given them any hope yet.

Despite failing to give her fans a new studio album, Christina surely keeps them on their toes with her one-off songs. This time, she has managed to surprise everyone with this Nile Rodgers-assisted new song. It’s a powerful uplifting disco song that reminds me of 70s. Probably she applied some audio effects or whatever but it sounds really good. The chorus is very catchy and powerful. The song as a whole succeeds in delivering a ‘big anthem’ feel, thanks to powerful vocals by the new disco queen. Time to listen to this song now. Click ‘play’ below.

Listen to “Telepathy” by Christina Aguilera

Post Author: David Watt