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Music: “Rock Your Candie’s” by Fifth Harmony

Candie’s  have fulfilled their promise as they released their Fifth Harmony-performed new music video “Rock Your Candie’s”. The track is definitely a pop anthem and there is every chance that it will be popular with it being played on the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. The track will be heavily played in commercials during the next few months. So be ready to listen to it a lot.

Fifth Harmony has been going the right direction with a performance in the White House this year. Now they have been chosen to be singers behind “Rock Your Candie’s”, which is clearly suggesting that their talent is being recognized on a commercial level.

“Rock Your Candie’s” is a typical sassy pop anthem where Fifth Harmony sings about everything that you can actually buy at Candie’s. The track also tells you why Kohl’s brand should be your exclusive choice when it comes to clothes. The music video shows the girls wearing Candie’s clothes and to be hones they all look great. This is going to be a great commercial and a surefire hit. We will only have to see how well 5H’s pop anthem does in terms of increasing sales for the clothing store.

Watch Music Video “Rock Your Candie’s” by Fifth Harmony – Official Video

Post Author: David Watt