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New Music: John Legend “Love Me Now” Official Lyric Video

The heartthrob R&B Singer John Legend is back again with another romantic track “Love Me Now” that he released on October 6th, 2016.

We’ve been waiting for him to make another one like “All of Me”, that was the greatest hit and top choice of love birds. And yes, this one is exactly what we wanted.

He released the official lyric video on VEVO and it has been appraised so far; giving the video almost 1 million views.

The song is all about living the moment with your loved one realizing that love doesn’t last longer. So, John Legend is telling his girl that let’s love right now and cherish every moment until they’re together.

“So who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone, so, let me love you now” the lyrics truly tell that John Legend is truly worried about his girl leaving him soon or he’s gonna die. No matter what the reason is, the emphasis is on loving each other and living the current moment to the fullest.

“Love Me Now” is a pretty ballad and it announced to be the lead single from John’s forthcoming studio album.

We hope to see more of such tracks coming or may be better than this. Truly a track any girl would fall for! We wish him best of luck for his album and hope it breaks all the previous records set by John Legend.

Watch: Lyric Video of “Love Me Now” by John Legend

Post Author: David Watt