New Music: “Feel You Watching” by Heather Brave

The up-and-coming singer Heather Brave has released a new single titled “Feel You Watching” and it’s a certified pop gem. I feel like everyone should be listening to this song and appreciate how well Heather Brave has delivered this new song.

In this new song “Feel You Watching”, you will listen to her singing

For you my stranger,

My curtains open wide,

So maybe I’ll discover,

What gives me pleasure,

The moment we collide just watching one another

After you listen to Heather Brave’s “Feel You Watching”, you know that Heather isn’t someone new to the industry. However, the reality is otherwise. Heather is new to the industry and she is yet to make her name. But it feels as if she has been here for years, knowing very well how to deliver a pop hit. It’s very early in her career and she has already given us a brilliant song. Considering that, I recommend you keep an ear open for this girl. She has some amazing talent and I feel like she is totally ready to give her debut album this year. Listen to her latest song below.

Listen to “Feel You Watching” by┬áHeather Brave


Post Author: David Watt