Mylène-Farmer_ Désobéissance

Mylène Farmer Music Album, “Désobéissance”. Stream:

You don’t have to wait anymore. The Mega Event has arrived. Yes, what everyone was looking for, the much anticipated LP is here.

The French Singer and songwriter Mylène Jaenne Gautier who is known professionally by her name, “Mylène Farmer” has just dropped her 11th studio album titled,”Désobéissance”. The album is released today and this is her first album release after 2015’s “interstellaires”.

I just can’t say that Maylene has taken too long to release the album. Just give it a listen, She has taken very well deserved time because this is a sensational project.

The album has guest appearnce from the pop duo, “Mike Del Rio” who collaborated in two songs from the album. “Désobéissance” consists on 12 songs. The French singer had released three singles, “Sentimentale”, “Rolling Stone” and “N’oublie pas” before the release of the album.

This new project has got something new about the Mylène. With this new album the canaidan-born singer has brought you some music with electronic pop. I mean these songs, “On a besoin d’y croire”, “Des larmes”, “Parler d’avenir” and “Sentimentale” from this 12 songs project are surprising.

Mylène has planned a Tour in support of the album. This link leads you to Tour Details.

Post Author: David Watt