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Music Video Review: “Without A Fight” by Brad Paisley & Demi Lovato

Music video for Brad Paisley & Demi Lovato collaboration “Without A Fight” is now out. The song sounded good when it was released a few weeks back but the music video has disappointed a lot of fans. In fact, the absence of chemistry between the two has hurt the song. A lot of people who originally liked the song have stopped liking it after watching the music video.

The country track “Without A Fight” will be included in Brad Paisley’s upcoming eleventh studio album. The album is yet to be given a title but we know that it will be coming out at the end of this year. Sony Music, who will be distributing the album, will definitely feel a dent in their marketing efforts for Brad’s forthcoming album. This could mean bad news for Brad who’s last album didn’t do great.

From what it looks like, I’m sure Brad was more eager to fulfill wishes of his label more than anything when he agreed to doing a collaboration for the cover of his eleventh album. Sony Music might have thought that they will get wonderful response with a pop-star collaboration upfront and to some extent fans did get excited. But then they had to follow up with a better video for sure. That they didn’t do and therefore the expectations they had from the lead single for Brad’s upcoming album aren’t met. But still, there are many songs from this album to be previewed and everyone is expecting that Brad will do better. Time to watch the music video.

Watch “Without a Fight” music video by Brad Paisley and Demi Lovato

Post Author: David Watt