Live Performance: OneRepublic – “Let’s Hurt Tonight”

September 21, 2016, the night for OneRepublic to perform on the Apple Music Festival 2016 held at RoundHouse in London, England. The heart throbbing band was all over the music news for the whole night.

Ryan Tedder didn’t disappoint his fans who paid for the tickets and performed for over an hour; playing his all-time hit tracks also a track from his upcoming album “Oh My My.”

The fans were enchanted by the gorgeous looks of Mr. Tedder, also his wonderful voice. What a performer! The track that was performed by the band is “Let’s Hurt Tonight”; and it’s said to be the album’s opener of “Oh My My” which is due to be released on October 7th.

Wondering why OneRepublic has chosen this one track to be played on Apple Music Festival? There must be something special about this track or they would be planning to release it on iTunes before any other track of “Oh My My.”
“If the pain is love, then darling, let’s hurt tonight” what a vocally demanding track! This song is going to be a super hit, undoubtedly. And Ryan Tedder nailed it again with his incredible performance. That’s what we call a live performance!

Watch One Republic performing Live “Let’s Hurt Tonight”

Post Author: David Watt