Listen to Single by Shania Twain “Life’s About To Get Good”

Shania Twain has debuted her new single “Life’s About To Get Good” at Stagecoach Festival. This new single marks the end of a long hiatus for Shania Twain who hasn’t released new music since 15 years. For her fans, this has been a really long time and they have been expecting something this year. On April 29, Shania responded to her fans and premiered her new single while performing live at Stagecoach Festival.

Although this new single would excite a lot of fans, it will also disappoint many others who wanted her to bring more joy to their life, as she did 15 years ago. But, this song isn’t what those fans expected. Its subject matter is really dark. Nevertheless, her music was as shiny as its always been. It had the same sunny feel to it and you’d love to have more of it. Maybe she is now trying that ‘organic’ approach that she promised for her new music while talking to Rolling Stone about her possible new album.

I’m sure you really want to listen to “Life’s About To Get Good”. It’s a powerful song that will remind you why Shania is such as a legend. Click PLAY below and enjoy the song.

Watch Shania Twain Performing “Life’s About To Get Good” – New Single

Post Author: David Watt