Listen To New Collaboration “Wake Up In The Sky” by Gucci Mane & Bruno Mars

Gucci Mane has collaborated with none other but Bruno Mars to give us his new 2018 hit “Wake Up In The Sky”. This new collab is going to be rappers big hit this year just the way he secured his major hit in 2017 by collaborating with Migos. I’m sure this year’s collaboration will turn out to be even bigger and we’d be listening to it throughout the rest of 2018.

The new song “Wake Up In The Sky” will be a part of Gucci Mane’s upcoming album “Evil Genius”. He released the track last Friday and we expect it to make it to top radio soon. Once it’s there and everyone gets to listen to the track, I’m sure it will turn out to be a massive hit. It’s got a very catchy chorus and we know having Bruno Mars in there gives Gucci a huge chance to get the song in front of thousands of fans.

It’s a catchy song where you’ll hear Bruno Mars talking about mingling with the ladies. He lets his big secret out and informs everyone that ladies like him and sleep with him because he can afford luxury. That may be offensive for a lot of women but that’s Bruno Mars’ big secret that he is giving out in this song. Listen to it below.

Listen to “Wake Up In The Sky” By Gucci Mane & Bruno Mars

Post Author: David Watt