Listen to “Joanne, Piano Version” by Lady Gaga – It’s Amazing!

Lady Gaga has premiered “Joanne, Piano Version” and it’s simply amazing. Although it’s a rare feat when someone improves an original that is already perfect, Lady Gaga is definitely capable of doing that. With “Joanne, Piano Version”, everyone can see it for themselves now.

“Joanne” is the title track of her fifth studio album. This new single is a special song, not only for the album but also for the singer as she dedicated this song to her late aunt Joanne. Her aunt died nearly 20 years ago due to lupus.

I’m sure listening to “Joanne” and now it’s new piano version will keep you entertained for long, there is more good news from Gaga to keep you excited. She will be performing this special song at Grammys tomorrow. If you didn’t know this earlier and had a reason to miss the Grammys, now you have the reason to be there when Lady Gaga performs live. She might also win the best pop album award so it could turn out to be a really special night for the Gaga fans.

The new piano version is a stripped down variation of the original. You can watch the music video for this new version on YouTube. Lady Gaga released the visual for this stripped-down version on YouTube. Watch the video below.

Watch “Joanne, Piano Version” music video by Lady Gaga – The new version of title track of her fifth album


Post Author: David Watt