Listen to “Ashes” by Celine Dion – Deadpool 2 Soundtrack

Surprisingly, Celine Dion’s new song that she announced a week earlier isn’t a new single from her forthcoming album but it’s a Deadpool 2 soundtrack ballad titled “Ashes”. Deadpool franchise seems to have all good things coming their way. The first movie was a massive success and now the sequel is getting a lot of attention, thanks to innovative trailers and Ryan Gosling’s screen presence.

The new song “Ashes” is the best single in a long time from the Canadian singer. The production by Steve Mac has everything you expect from the soundtrack for Deadpool – pop hooks and a memorable chorus.

As the track was premiered, Celine also premiered the official music video for this track. In the visual, you will see Celine performing the track “Ashes” in an auditorium. Surprisingly, Celine is the only one there. Then you see Deadpool hanging around. You know she is singing for him. As the track reaches its end, Deadpool jumps out and applauds Celine, telling her that she did a great job and that he hasn’t seen such a wonderful performance. But sarcastically he wants her to do it again because the track wasn’t for Titanic the movie but it was for a superhero movie. Celine refuses him and tells him that she ain’t doing it for the ‘Spiderman’ – insulting Deadpool. What a great video. I’m sure you’d love it. Watch it below.

Watch the music video “Ashes” by Celine Dion – Deadpool 2 Soundtrack


Post Author: David Watt